Zirconia Pediatric
Cuspid Refills

Zirconia Pediatric
Cuspid Refills


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Elevate Your Patient’s Smile with Zirconia Kinder Krowns!
Unmatched esthetics, superior durability. Choose Regular or Short lengths. Regular or Mid-sizes (squeezed). Your patient’s smile, perfected.



Intaglio Retention Band System

AffixZr™ Mechanical Retention

What makes Zirconia Kinder Krowns® different is the intaglio.
During the manufacturing process, we add screw-like threads to the crown walls, which mechanically bonds the restoration to the tooth. These threads also significantly increase the surface area for the cement to chemically bond to the crown. This integral step of the manufacturing process allows you to use glass ionomer cement and the actual crown for intraoral try-ins.

Ambidextrous (Right or Left Option)

Universal Contour = 1/2 the Inventory

Kinder Krowns are available in two contour options: Contoured (Rights and Lefts) and Universal (Ambidextrous).
Universal crowns were precisely designed to be used as a left or a right. For example, tooth letters S and L will be restored with the same crown labeled DL (lower first primary molar). The biggest benefit this product brings to your practice is maintaining half the inventory.

Length Preference

Regular or Short Length Option

Kinder Krowns are available in two length options: Regular and Short.
With Kinder Krowns, you have options. Anterior Kinder Krowns are available in two lengths, regular and short. Regular length is equivalent to regular length pre-veneered Kinder Krowns and short length is approximately one millimeter shorter. The majority of Kinder Krowns users prefer our short length.

Space-Loss / Back-to-Back

Mid-sized™ Crowns (Narrowed Mesiodistally)

Kinder Krowns Kits (posterior and cuspid) include regular and mid-sized Crowns.
Regular (full-sized) crowns were designed to be consistent in size with standard pediatric crowns. The mid-sized crowns mimic the shape of squeezed SSCs and are used when you are placing crowns back-to-back or if your patient has experienced space-loss.

Tutorial Videos

Zirconia Anterior

Zirconia Posterior

Typodont Tutorial


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