Pediatric Bridges

The teeth in our Pedo Bridges are constructed completely out of composite, making them more durable than acrylic teeth – and they are repairable chair side. Our ability to match any Bioform or Vita shade produces esthetics that are second-to-none. We custom design Pedo Bridges to your needs, whether you prefer to use bands or crowns on the abutment teeth. Simply take the impression, fill out our prescription form, and send it to us.

100% Composite

Superior Esthetics

Extremely Durable

Repairable Chairside (if needed)

Customizable Shade

Any Bioform or Vita Shade

Analog or Digital

We accept either impression

Pediatric Flippers

Our flippers are made of acrylic (or your material of choice) and fits over the child's gums and replacement teeth that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. The base is colored to match the child's gums, making the flipper blend in with their natural smile.

Additional Orthodontic Services

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• Appliance Accessories
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• Distalizers
• Fixed Expansion
• Fixed Holding
• Functional

• Habit
• Sleep
• Splints/Guards
• Airway
• BeneSlider
• Forestadent OrthoEasy Pal TAD System

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