Zirconia is the choice of many dentists for its biocompatibility, which means it’s less likely to provoke the body into producing a reaction or immunological response like inflammation.


Newly available materials have given monolithic zirconia (nothing layered on top of it) an extremely natural appearance that can be easily color-matched to your surrounding teeth.


One of the biggest advantages of zirconia is its strength and durability. Crowns need to be made of strong material, particularly with preformed crowns which are quite thin.Read More + »

"Proud to be The Highest Standard in Esthetic Pediatric Crowns"

Brandon Richards - General Manager

Just as in adult dentistry, the demand for cosmetic services and esthetic restorations in pediatric dentistry is increasing annually. To answer this demand, more and more dentists are turning to zirconia as their material of choice. Zirconia pediatric crowns offer esthetics, durability, and biocompatibility that no other material on the market can offer. By choosing Zirconia Kinder Krowns, you can be confident that your child's esthetic restoration will not only provide unrivaled esthetics but will also hold up until the deciduous tooth exfoliates.

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FAQs from Parents


Why your child needs a dental crown

Since the enamel of baby teeth is thinner than that of permanent teeth, decay can spread rapidly between teeth. Crowns can be used not only to save the decayed tooth, but can also help prevent the spread of decay and infection to other areas of the mouth or body. Crowns restore a tooth's shape, size, and function.


Why pediatric teeth are restored

It's natural for a child's baby teeth to eventually fall out and leave room for permanent teeth. However, when baby teeth are extracted early because of decay or damage, there can be serious consequences. Baby teeth are important because they help to guide permanent teeth into place, allow children to chew their food, act as space holders for permanent teeth and help with speech development.


Why choose Zirconia Kinder Krowns?

Zirconia Kinder Krowns® were seamlessly designed to combine ease of placement (less time in the operatory) with unrivaled esthetics. Zirconia Kinder Krowns mimics the appearance of real teeth and allows light and color from the adjacent natural to pass through its surface and refract. This material property and manufacturing technique allows Zirconia Kinder Krowns to blend in quite well with the natural dentition. Additional benefits: chemical and stain resistance, and biocompatibility.


Post-operative trips.

    • Maintain oral health with proper brushing habits.
    • Avoid biting and/or chewing on hard food like candy or ice
    • Safeguard against trauma or force to teeth
    • Refrain from chewing sticky substances such as candy
    • See a dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleanings