Kinder Krowns On-site Workshops - We'll come to you.

Don’t pack your bags – turn your humble abode into a staycation haven! Put up a tent in the backyard, a slip ‘n slide in the front yard and an inflatable pool on the side. Our on-site workshops provide you with a high-quality hands-on CE experience with an added level of convenience – no travel.

Whether you are a current user looking for tricks to maximize your efficiency with Zirconia Kinder Krowns, or new to zirconia, our on-site training can be personalized to meet your needs. We are flexible on the amount of time you can allocate in your busy schedule and we’re also available in the evening or weekends. In fact, most offices prefer either a weeknight, Saturday or Sunday training so they don’t miss a day of production

On-Site Workshop Format

We start off our workshops with a brief didactic on the material, product, design and preparation/seating techniques. Then, our highly trained instructors cover several well documented cases (the good, the bad and the ugly) to help you avoid common mistakes. We open the floor for questions and then dive into over-the-shoulder instruction. Again, if there is something you’d like us to focus on (posteriors for example), we can certainly adapt the workshop.

As far as set up goes, we’re flexible on this as well. Generally speaking, we ask that you have a large TV (or projector) for the presentation and access to Wifi. We supply typodonts, burs, zirconia crowns and 3D printed ideal reduction guides for the hands-on. The office needs to supply hand pieces, explorers and safety supplies such as gloves, masks, etc.

Regarding cost, we ask that our travel costs are covered – nothing else. Fill out the form to the right with your information and any questions you may have in the message section.

Get away from it all, by going nowhere – let us come to you!

This course was one of the best I have taken. The one-on-one instruction and practice was so helpful and made me feel very confident and comfortable. All questions were answered and I had the opportunity to practice on so many teeth.

Dr. Anjali Rajani

Dr. Anjali RajaniBoard Certified Pediatric Dentist