Kinder Krowns Clear Aligners

Why switch to Kinder Krowns Clear Aligners?

Advanced Engineering

Kinder Krowns Clear Aligners are made from premium thermoformed plastic material that is engineered for precise fit, ongoing force retention, and exceptional durability.

Premium Material

Continual force for faster treatment and greater comfort for your patients.

Superior Stain Resistance

Starts clear, stays clear.

Dual Shell Construction

Kinder Krowns Clear Aligners use an elastomeric layer encased in a dual shell construction that provides a consistent, continual force for your patient’s comfort.

The consistent pressure produced by the dual- shell construction accurately moves teeth over the prescribed period of time.

Tear Strength & Stain Resistance

This material has superior ability to resist tearing and staining after an extended period in the oral cavity.

Case Management

Simple & Streamlined Case Management

➡ Easy to order
➡ Easy to track
➡ Treatment review and case modification process
➡ Support at every stage
➡ Fast turn-around time


Scan data is entered into the system and sent to Kinder Krowns.

Case Acceptance

Kinder Krowns accepts your case and provides notification.


Your case is designed and a treatment plan is created.


Your clear aligners are made per the treatment plan.


In as little as 2 weeks, the case is delivered to your office.

Perfect for Esthetic Cases

Kinder Krowns Clear Aligners are ideal for treating mild to moderate cases in the esthetic zone.

FAQs: Important Questions - Honest Answers

We always recommend checking with your patient’s primary insurer, as coverage will vary between patients. If your patient’s policy allows for orthodontic treatment then Clear Aligners may be covered.

Patients should wear aligners 20-22 hours per day and always remove them while eating, drinking hot liquids, and brushing teeth.

  • Mayclin Advanced Level: Prescribe 25 new cases in one quarter & receive a 5% credit
  • Mayclin Elite Level: Prescribe 50 new cases in one quarter & receive a 7% account credit.

*Model Work & Retainers Not Included, Replacement Aligners – $40 per aligner

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