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Zirconia Kinder Krowns®

No Try-in Crowns

Our Internal retention threads provide mechanical retention and allow you to use glass ionomer cement and the actual crown for intraoral try-ins.

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By glazing and polishing Zirconia Kinder Krowns, they blend in with your patient’s natural dentition – rather than reflect like some competing crowns which are 100% polished.Read More + »

Universal Contour

Incorporating Universal Anterior and Posterior Kinder Krowns into your practice will cut your inventory requirements in half. (lefts and rights are also available)Read More + »

"Proud to be The Highest Standard in Esthetic Pediatric Crowns"

Brandon Richards - Director of Client Services

Kinder Krowns® is on the cutting edge of dental manufacturing. We know digital forwards and backwards. Both our pediatric and adult departments are close to 100% digital. We utilize that expertise to maintain an efficient process, resulting in fair prices for our clients. Other brands have resorted to outsourcing their manufacturing abroad, but we’ve been able to maintain our value by leveraging technology, skilled laboratory technicians, management and world-class equipment. Kinder Krowns® is proud to employ hardworking Minnesotans.

Kinder Krowns® - Zirconia Pediatric Crowns

Just as in adult dentistry, the demand for cosmetic services and esthetic restorations in pediatric dentistry is increasing annually. To answer this demand, more and more dentists are turning to zirconia as their material of choice. Zirconia pediatric crowns offer esthetics, durability and biocompatibility that no other material on the market can offer. By incorporating Zirconia Kinder Krowns into your practice, you can confidently offer an esthetic restoration that will not only provide unrivaled esthetics, but will also hold up until the deciduous tooth exfoliates.


AffixZr™ Mechanical Retention Threads

What makes Zirconia Kinder Krowns® different is the intaglio. During the manufacturing process, we add screw-like threads to the crown walls, which mechanically bonds the restoration to the tooth.

These threads also significantly increase the surface area for the cement to chemically bond to the crown. The chemical bond to ceramics in general is weak, therefore it is imperative to incorporate mechanical retention. This key difference has been a part of our design since Zirconia Kinder Krowns® officially launched in 2012. This integral step of the manufacturing process allows you to use glass ionomer cement and the actual crown for intraoral try-ins. This saves you valuable inventory and chairside time.

More Surface Area
s of
Dentists Trust AffixZR™
Restorations Placed

AffixZR™ saves you valuable chairside time, simplifies your procedure and eliminates a second set of preformed crowns to be specifically used for intraoral try-ins:

No Try-in Crowns Needed
Use Glass Ionomer Cements
Mechanical Grip


Universal Contour - 1/2 the Inventory

Universal Posteriors are ambidextrous, much like our Universal Anteriors. They were precisely designed to be used as a left or a right. For example, tooth letters S and L will be restored with the same crown labeled DL (lower first primary molar). The biggest benefit this product brings to your practice is maintaining half the inventory, as well as half the initial investment.

Due to the overall contour of our universal design, you will also prep less tooth structure to achieve a passive fit over contoured zirconia pediatric crowns.

Less Inventory
Anteriors & Posteriors
1/2 The Inventory
Rights & Lefts Available


Length Options: Regular OR Short

With Kinder Krowns, you have options. Anterior Kinder Krowns are available in two lengths, regular and short. Regular length is equivalent to regular length pre-veneered Kinder Krowns and short length is approximately one millimeter shorter. The majority of Kinder Krowns users prefer our short length.

Use Short Length


Mid-size™ Crowns (for space-loss)

Kinder Krowns Kits include regular and mid-sized crowns. Regular (full sized) posterior crowns were designed to be consistent in size with standard pediatric crowns. The mid-sized crowns mimic the shape of squeezed SSCs and are used when you are placing crowns back-to-back or if your patient has experienced space-loss. Mid-sized posteriors are available for both first and second molars.

In the anterior dentition, after placing centrals and laterals, it is often challenging to place cuspids. To help squeeze them in, we created mid-sizes for cuspids as well.

Cuspids & Posteriors
Alleviates placement
Conserves tooth structure
Speeds up your procedure

Wear-kind Glaze AND Aesthetic Finish

Zirconia is an incredibly hard material and how a crown is finished can have a major impact on it's clinical success. At Kinder Krowns, we've taken a two fold approach: polish AND glaze.

Prior to applying the glaze layer on our crowns, we finely polish all areas that come into contact with the opposing dentition. This creates an incredibly wear-kind surface. In fact, in the most recent wear study featuring all the major pediatric crown brands, Zirconia Kinder Krowns we the least abrasive zirconia pediatric crown (by a long shot).

Another, equally important reason to take a dual approach is aesthetics. Simply polishing zirconia creates a pearlescent, reflective and iridescent look, which is far from natural. In adult dentistry, we glaze zirconia crowns because it allows the restoration to adsorb colors and light (rather than reflect).

Natural-Looking Finish
Blends In
Life-like Texture