Alphabyte Intraoral Scanner Bundle

Alphabyte Intraoral Scanner Bundle

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Original price was: $27,900.00.Current price is: $14,900.00.

Digital Pre-Formed Crowns
Alphabyte is a patent-pending digital solution that provides real-time crown sizing/selection information and tooth preparation guidance to ensure a fast, predictable treatment process. For the first time ever, zirconia alternatives can now be accomplished as quickly and easily as traditional stainless steel crowns.

What’s included in the package?
➡Heron intraoral 3D scanner for acquiring digital impressions.
➡Reusable and replaceable attachments for the Heron IOS.
➡Alphabyte module for managing the digital workflow associated with the preparation and placement of Kinder Krown prefabricated Zirconia Crowns.
➡Kinder Krowns Starter Kit – 72 Crowns (Anterior or Posterior, your choice)
➡Training Kit – Pediatric Typodont, Melamine Teeth, Prep Kit.
➡Lenovo Thinkpad P15, or equivalent, customized to support acquisition and analysis of 3D intraoral digital impressions.
➡Training on the Alphabyte digital workflow.


About Alphabyte - 21st Century Pediatric Dentistry

Elevate your Practice.

Pre-formed zirconia crowns are widely available and demonstrate better biocompatibility, wear resistance, and esthetics....but still remain generally underutilized. ALPHABYTE® helps to deliver these better solutions to a wider patient population.

Elevate your Care.

Pre-formed zirconia crowns can be comparatively difficult to size and seat. ALPHABYTE® improves intraoperative efficiency and procedural success by allowing faster, more conservative treatment in a highly marketable, technologically appealing manner.


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One Small Scanner
For Pediatric Dentistry

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Scanning with Alphabyte for ZR crowns for the doctor provides for a great learning tool for ascending the steep learning curve of placing pediatric ZR crowns. It’s a logistical time-saver of having to guess which crown to use or where to refine your prep. There’s definitely magic in utilizing the software with parents so that they can see there is added value in ensuring best-fit when it comes to sizing crowns.

Dr. Keith Tam, DDS

Dr. Keith Tam, DDSBoard Certified Pediatric Dentist - Santa Maria Pediatric Dentistry

“Alphabyte has helped me with efficiency by having the crown selected prior
to starting the procedure.”

Dr. Andrew Zale, DMD

Dr. Andrew Zale, DMDBoard Certified Pediatric Dentist - El Rio Community Health

As a clinician who performed posterior zirconia crowns prior to the development of this innovative software, I can truly say that AlphaByte has changed the way I practice and treatment plan, and I cannot imagine completing a posterior zirconia crown without it. The crown selector tool always provides the correct size crown for the space, which was the biggest challenge in performing the procedure. This has decreased my crown inventory and chair time as I no longer must try on multiple crowns. And if the crown does not seat as intended, the preparation guidance tool gives me the confidence and knowledge to reduce the exact amount of tooth, in the exact location, every time. Prior to AlphaByte, when completing posterior zirconia crowns, I would pick a crown that I thought would fit the intended tooth. Then, following the initial tooth preparation, it would be a back-and-forth between increasing tooth reduction or changing crown sizes to finally get a crown to seat fully. This was unpredictable, time consuming, resulted in many pulp exposures, and utilized a lot of inventory. AlphaByte eliminated all these challenges. I can only imagine this software will evolve into numerous dental applications, revamp dental education, and pioneer a new standard of care.

Dr. Erik Kuhlman

Dr. Erik KuhlmanBoard Certified Pediatric Dentist - El Rio Community Health

How it works

Optical Digital Impression System

The Heron Intraoral Scanner functions similarly to most intraoral scanners in terms of optical digital impressions. Fortunately, for preformed crowns, you do not need to have to scan very many teeth, nor do you have to allow the computer to post-process and send the data anywhere. This saves significantly on procedural time. Usually, in under 10 seconds, you can acquire enough data about the treatment tooth and a few neighboring teeth.

Digital Preformed Crowns

The Alphabyte™ software module runs automatically from the Heron Clinic software after the initial scan. After identifying the treatment tooth, the algorithm automatically cycles through all the libraries of crown forms (only Kinder Krowns®) and proposes the best fit digital crown which corresponds to the crowns you have in your local library. It also allows the provider to adjust and modify the crown position and size proposal per their discretion.

Conservation & Prep Guidance

The module automatically identifies the tooth reduction requirements necessary to accomplish the crown suggested. Color mapping indicates reduction requirements, which means you can now be much more conservative with your preparation approach. There are often surfaces of unprepared teeth that require zero preparation whatsoever. With your cheat sheet for preparation, you are much more likely to achieve a passive fit on the first attempt.

Tooth Refinement (Only if Needed)

Especially as you begin this process, you’re likely to leave an area of under reduction. Knowing exactly what is causing a crown to bind and not fully seat is a completely subjective and usually something corrected by experience alone – this is no longer the case. By simply by using the scanner passing it over your initial preparation attempt and re-running the automated algorithm that analyzed the preparation form, in mere seconds we can pre-answer those questions that were ordinarily blindly refining a tooth circumferentially. Now we can see exactly where the tooth is under reduced. This minimizes risking secondary pulpotomies and over-reducing certain areas.

"The Heron IOS - Is a complete intraoral scanning solution, not just for our GPs, but also our PEDS and ORTHO customers."

Brandon Richards – General Manager

Easy to use and intuitive Software. Designed for a simpler, faster and more accurate impression, making Dentists confident in the success of their scans.

Using the HeronClinic software, your team can easily navigate the intuitive, user-friendly interface to meet all your restorative, orthodontic, and implant needs. Whether it is in case creation, scanning or case integration, the Heron IOS with clear workflows and a cloud sharing platform, makes it easier than ever to create and browse patient cases, scan and share with labs.