SUDS & CE: The CE Topics

Digital Dentistry for Pediatrics & Special Needs

Didactic and Round Table Q&A
  • Digital dental impression systems
  • Preparation, seating and cement choice
  • Learn how to request patient specific and modified Kinder Krowns

Dr. Keith Tam, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
Brandon Richards, Dental Laboratory Manager & Director of Client Service

Zirconia Pediatric Crowns

Didactic & Hands-on Workshop
  • Pick up tips to reduce you’re chair-side time
  • Grasp how to handle multi-unit and complex cases
  • Maximize your confidence going into your first case
  • Avoid the common technique pitfalls and learn practical steps to avoid them

Dr. Keith Tam, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

PPN: Pedo, Precedex & Nitrous: Sedation w/o Narcotics

Didactic and Round table Q&A
  • High Concentration Nitrous
  • Delivery Systems for Nitrous
  • Capnography
  • Precedex

Dr. Matthew Coplin, GP Serving Pediatric Patients for over 20 years

Dentistry’s Financial Awakening from COVID

Didactic and Round table Q&A
  • How to Legally Lower Your Taxable Income
  • How to Plan For Long Term Success with a New Tax Code
  • Answers to all your tax related questions
  • The 6 Most Impactful Changes We Expect to See in the New Tax Code

Chris Sands, CPA with Pro-Fi 20/20

5 Key Online Marketing Strategies: What Works & What is Wasting Your Time & Money in 2021

Didactic and Round table Q&A
  • Recognize why you should stop doing the same marketing as everyone else.
  • Discover the secrets of dental practices who excel at marketing.
  • Analyze your dental practice’s personal brand and visualize exactly how that should look online.

Scott Childress, Marketing Expert with Magnify

Updates on Disability Insurance

Didactic and Round table Q&A
  • Learn the importance to review the language in the contract
  • Why you should be updating your policy
  • How to make sure that if something happens, you are protected.

Stephen Abrams, MBA, Insurance Specialist

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