SUDS & CE: The Venue

BREWDOG Hotel & Brewery
Columbus, OH

The world’s first craft beer hotel, where you can wake up inside a brewery. BrewDog’s DogHouse Columbus will greet you each morning with aromas from our gently fermenting foeders even before you head down for breakfast.

The Brewery

Sitting on a 42 acre site in Columbus, they brew their Headliner range and limited-edition exclusive beers. You can discover all of these beers at DogTap Columbus, as well as a 6,000 sq ft interactive craft beer museum.
From your room, you can see, hear and smell our sour beer foeders and take it all in. Head down for a beer-paired breakfast. Spend time reading the latest brewing books. Even sit back with a draft beer poured from your room’s very own BrewDog tap.

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