Engineering Innovation

The Kinder Krowns mission.

Our mission is to be the pacesetter in esthetic pediatric crowns and special needs restorative options.

Everyone has those cases where off the shelf prefabricated crowns might not fit just right. Not only is this true with your pediatric cases, but also your patients with special needs. The word “compromise” shouldn’t have to be used when restoring these kinds of cases.

That’s where the incredible digital technology Kinder Krowns has at its disposal comes in. Even if your office isn’t digital, you can still give your patients the best treatment possible. Even if our XL anterior or posterior crowns won’t work for a specific case, we can do “custom” restorations for just a few dollars more than a regular Kinder Krown. And you can still do it in one appointment with proper planning.

Call us up, give us all the details about your most difficult restorative cases, we’ll walk you through the process. On many cases, we can send you a prepped model showing exactly what the preparation should look like.

All of our restorations are made in the U.S. (not all pediatric restorations are not made in the U.S. The workflow would be more than challenging using a lab for something like this in South Korea. Kinder Krowns can take your challenges and turn them into successes. Those successes turn into referrals. If you can imagine it, we can do it! Even if you can’t imagine it, we can do it! Bring on the challenge!

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