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Kinder Krowns: Special Needs

Prefabricated pediatric crowns have come a long way. There are so many viable options on the market, and they make most cases easier to tackle than in days gone by. But the clientele that pediatric dental offices have can make things challenging even with all these options available.

Patients may have larger teeth than what many manufacturers offer. They may have shades that the standard pediatric restorations won’t blend with. Maybe they have special needs, and you really just have one shot to get in and do the dentistry needed, and the off the shelf products won’t work. Kinder Krowns® has options for all sorts of cases like this. Being a conventional restorative dental lab, we have solutions for anything you can throw at us. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a digital impression system, that opens up the options even more.

We’re able to work with most of what you can supply us with, whether that’s a study model, digital x-ray, even just measurements of the existing teeth (or spaces). These patient specific crowns take many different workflows. But they’re all pretty simple! Much of that depends on what information you can give us. With a little planning, and just a few dollars more than a regular Kinder Krowns®, patient specific crowns can make you look like a rock star.

To order a custom crown, you may send us dental impression, digital scan or simply fill out our Pedo RX form with the desired crown specifications.

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