What’s in your patient’s mouth?

When you are about to make a purchase, do you ever ask yourself, “Is this American made?” That question is not as simple as a matter of national pride. When factors such as safety, economic security and health are weighed in, the gravity of that question becomes more apparent.

Aside from supply chain security, when you buy domestically manufactured goods, you can be rest assured in what materials are being used to fabricate them. Other countries do not adhere to the same safety regulations and are not subject to the same oversight. Dentists, patients, labs and insurers alike are showing increasing concern about the content of restorative materials. In a recent study, 74.8 percent of dentists surveyed said they would like every case to include a certificate attesting to the quality and content of the material that was used.

Many states are now requiring a Material Content Disclosure that disseminates information on point of origin, and materials used to the dentist, and patient (parent). Unfortunately, this is not a requirement for preformed pediatric crowns, and we believe it should be. Our CEO, Todd Mayclin, CDT, weighing in on the topic said, “Mayclin Dental Studio is on the cutting edge of dental manufacturing. While some other brands have resorted to outsourcing their manufacturing abroad, we’ve been able to maintain consistent quality, safety and pricing by leveraging the skills of our dental laboratory technicians, management and world-class equipment.” Mayclin Dental Studio (Kinder Krowns), is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, proudly employing skilled dental technicians from the greater Minneapolis area.

The next time you place an order for health care products, will you ask yourself “Is this American made?”

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