Mid-Size Zirconia Krowns


One daily dilemma a pediatric dentist faces is restoring posterior cases which have space loss. And when restoring back to back crowns aesthetically, the additional thickness of aesthetic crowns, although slight, can cause a lack of confidence in even the most experienced pediatric dentist. This is why we developed our aesthetic mid-size crowns, which offer a solution that will help you succeed in each of these cases!

Mid-size crowns were created to combat the issues commonly seen in these cases. For example, a tooth experiencing space-loss due to decay will not have the space necessary to place a regular crown. This may also be the case when placing crowns back-to-back, there simply isn’t enough space.

Zirconia Kinder Krowns® can be ordered as regular (equivalent to a plain SSC in their external dimensions) or as a mid-size. The mid-size crowns feature the same buccal-lingual width as a full size, but their mesial-distal width has been narrowed, mimicking the shape of squeezed SSC’s. Aesthetic mid-size crowns will allow you to execute each of these cases with ease.

Mid-size Kinder Krowns are available in cuspids, first and second molars. Yes, you read that right, mid-size cuspids! We’re the only manufacturer on the market with these, and they’re awesome if we do say so ourselves. How many times have you been restoring the front 6 anterior teeth, place the centrals, then laterals, and realize the space you have for your cuspids is less than what you thought? These mid-size cuspids are very popular, and make you look like the rock star that you are to your patients. Did we mention we’re a crown and bridge lab? We know aesthetics!

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