Prep Anterior

Vital aspects of your preparation.

Once you’ve selected your crown, it’s time for tooth reduction.

With Zirconia Kinder Krowns®, we recommend reducing 1-1/5mm of tooth structure, followed by feathering your margins. When prepping for an SSC, you typically do not remove much, if any tooth structure on the buccal and lingual surface of the tooth. When prepping circumferentially, keep your bur parallel to the tooth. It’s very common for us to see over prepared occlusal/incisal surface and under reduced margins.

Next, try-in your crown.

If it fits passively and seats 1-2mm sub-gingivally, you’re set. If not, you need to reduce additional tooth structure. To identify where you are being help up, rock the crown facial/buccal-lingually and interproximally. If the crown wall will not rock in one or more directions, most likely that’s where you’re being held up. Follow the previous steps until the crown seats passively and completely.

Once the crown seats passively, clean it out with water spray and alcohol then fill it completely with a glass ionomer cement (tacky consistency). Kinder Krowns® feature mechanical retention threads on the walls of our crowns, so no special cement is needed.

For new customers we provide free a 3D Ideal Preparation Guide with your first order so you can visualize the ideal preparation.

Whether your are planning to add Zirconia Pediatric Crowns into your office or simply looking for tips and tricks to speed up your preparation and seat our CE course will help you do just that. Skip the hassle of travel and let us come to you!

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