Crown Selection

Selecting the appropriately sized Zirconia Pediatric Crown.

The key to selecting the appropriately sized crown is knowing how much interproximal space you’re working with. If you choose a crowns size that’s too large, you’ll end up having to adjust the adjacent teeth. If you choose a size that’s too small, you’ll end up over reducing the tooth and potentially contacting the pulp.

To select a crown, hold the crown up to the existing dentition to gauge the appropriate size. Alternatively, if you have a digital x-ray system, you can take measurements prior to your procedure. With that measurement, refer to the sizing chart located on the inside lid of your kit box and locate the corresponding crown size that properly fits your patient’s interproximal width.

If your patient has experienced space loss in the posterior region, or if you’re restoring back-to-back, you’ll most likely be using a “squeezed” mid-sized crown. For anteriors, if there is a significant amount of space-loss you may find it helpful to place the crowns with a minimal distal rotation. Alternatively, you may also use larger sized laterals as centrals in this situation. The lateral crowns design is slightly narrower interproximally than centrals of a similar length.

Are you planning to add Zirconia Pediatric Crowns into the repertoire of your practice’s restorative arsenal? Or are you looking for tips and tricks to speed up your preparation and seating? We offer full day hands-on CE workshops to fill this void and get you on the path to success. To learn more call 877-557-6967.

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